Welcome to my website. I've been in some form of journalism for the past 25 years as a reporter, editor, PIO, photographer, copy editor, etc.

Click through and you'll find my resume and samples of my work under the Portfolio tab. Check out my blog - which I've entitled, "What the...?"


It never ceases to amaze, shock and delight me how people behave. Throughout my career, I've often found myself muttering, "What the...?" as I cover assignments across the board. From the weird to the wonderful, the hopeful to the horrific, the determined to the detrimental and more - it's all out there begging for collective learning.

So, let's learn together. I'll post my best "What the...?" moments and invite you to send me your own. I look forward to sharing the smiles, tears, ideas and life lessons they may create.

Next Steps...

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