I'm was born and raised in Neenah, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Me at The Daily Cardinal circa 1987.

My journalism career kicked off  in college working as a reporter for one of the campus newspapers, The Daily Cardinal. I was also a student stringer for the Wisconsin State Journal (which we called the Wisconsin State Urinal... because we were college students).

And, I was one of the original writers for The Onion, launched at Madison while I was there.

I loved UW-Madison so much I didn't want to leave. So, I convinced my parents I had more credits to complete (I didn't) and took racquetball pass/fail for an extra semester.

Next, I went abroad and complete a post-grad journalism program in London, England. I worked at the only black British newspaper at the time, The Voice. I was the solo white person on staff, so they called me 'Token.' It was a great experience. I learned a lot and traveled a lot.

I also did an advanced journalism practicum at Columbia College in Chicago and have worn just about every hat there is in print, radio and TV news. I'm currently honing my multi-media journalism skills to keep up with the rest of the press population and the world in general.

In addition, I've been a public information officer for elected officials and state departments, as well as a public relations specialist for various organizations. I'm also a certified vocal talent and wannabe actress (which I occasionally do for fun via community theater and work as a movie extra).

I have a couple of Boston Terriers - Ruby Tuesday and Roxy.

Ruby Tuesday & Roxy

I'm a HUGE fan of the Rolling Stones. Here I am at a Stones concert in San Diego giving new meaning to the term 'white knuckling it' in anticipation of their introduction.

I also like to sail, ski, golf, knit and eat carrot cake on my birthday - or any other time as well.

Thanks for visiting my website. I look forward to hearing from you soon.